10 Days Safari- Maasai Guide Photographer Adventures


Northern Tanzania is the epitome of an African safari; it gives you the chance to see the Big 5, the

Serengeti Wildebeest Migration, the descent into the Ngorongoro crater, and Mount Kilimanjaro in the

distance. This program satisfies the thirst of customers who have always wanted to go on an authentic

African safari.


Meet our guide at Kilimanjaro International Airport who transfers you to a lodge in western part of Mount
Kilimanjaro for overnight. You will be introduced to Maasai traditions; lodging place, neighborhood and
stories by Maasai elders.

This part of the mountain offers the best chance of spotting the snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.
In addition to it, our local Maasai guides will escort you during walking safaris in the wilderness.
Overnight will be at the same lodge in West Kilimanjaro.

You will have an early breakfast at the lodge in west Kilimanjaro then drive across Maasai steppe to
Tarangire National Park. This Park, with 2850 square kilometers, is known for its large herds of
elephants, baobab trees and good scenery. A part from the rhinoceros’ other members of the “Big Five”
can be spotted. Overnight will be at a lodge within or on the periphery of Tarangire National Park.

Breakfast then drives to Lake Manyara National Park. The distance between the two parks being less than
an hour; it is easy to transit between the wilderness areas. A tour in Lake Manyara National Park will
offer you great landscapes due to the presence of the rift valley, tree climbing lions, elephants, giraffes
and water birds. After afternoon session you will drive to a lodge in Lake Eyasi for overnight.

Day 5 :

Wake up early in the morning and catch up with the Bushmen (Hadzabe) as go for a morning hunt. You
will participate in the hunting process before returning to the lodge for breakfast. Later in the day you will
meet other communities including pastoralists (Datoga) and Blacksmiths. Dinner and overnight will be at
a lodge near or within Ngorongoro conservation area.

Early breakfast then drives to Ngorongoro conservation area where you will descend into the crater for
tour. Formed about two million years ago from volcanic eruption that led to formation of a caldera,
Ngorongoro crater is currently home to the endangered black rhinoceros and other animals. In addition to
amazing landscapes, you will be rewarded by a good number of animals including elephants, hyenas,
lions’ wildebeests and many others. Picnic lunch will be served at midday within the park. Later in the
evening you will drive to Serengeti for overnight at a lodge in central parts of the national park.

Day 7 :

You will have two full days of exploring Africa’s finest national park; it has been voted as the best
national park in Africa several times; it is a witness enough to prove its beauty. This Park is an absolute
venue for viewing animals inhabiting African savannah; Serengeti Annual Wildebeests migration and
members of the “Big Five” are easily seen i

Day 8 :

You will have an early breakfast then make a tour in the national park while advancing towards Klein’s
gate and proceed to Lake Natron. Overnight will be at a lodge in Lake Natron.

Breakfast at the lodge then tour Engare Sero waterfalls (swimming allowed), visit flamingos in the
alkaline Lake Natron and viewing Tanzania’s only volcanic mountain, Ol Doinyo Lengai Mountain. At
midday, you will have lunch at the lodge then drive back to Arusha for overnight at the selected lodge.

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10 Days Safari- Maasai Guide Photographer Adventures