New York City

New York, New York, New York City! Yes you heard me right, I am talking a about the BIG APPLE, lose yourself for a moment in a Multi-cultural City, gain some weight

for a moment on New York street foods, this CONCRETE JUNGLE will not leave your life of exploration the same, home of yellow cabs, house of sophisticated subway system, world’s most fascinating architectural ingenuity where mega structures from the 19th century meet modern skyscrapers, no wonder they call it “home of

skyscrapers, immerse yourself in this 5 island city, legend has it these islands had had a high profile meeting and agreed to come together and produce this super mega city on condition “Mega Bridges had to constructed and connected to the center” “Manhattan”, This city never sleeps, billboards and neon lights will keep your head turning all night all day @ times square! Welcome to the city of Lady Liberty

We highly recommend you consider visiting Washington DC (the US Capital)

Home of the White House, the pentagon, the capital building, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln temple, the Korean War monument, Martin Luther King Monument among others.

Our rates @ $1000 per person, $350 per child
$350 per every member of 10 or more explorers


Airport pick-up and drop-off, 2day guided tours, 2day ground transportation general admission to 2 attractions of the traveler’s choice, refreshments for 2days, formulation of your travel itinerary

Subway pass for the entire stay


Visa fees, Accommodation, Medical emergencies or insurance air tickets, meals, air rides, private rides tickets to places of interest beside 2 offered, ground transportation besides 2 days after arrival

We do not help in visa process beyond providing a letter of acknowledgement and itinerary

 Visa issuance is at the visa officer’s discretion. We do not influence the process

 60 percent refund only after visa refusal is proven where applicable