Universal City Walk Orlando

The logo for Universal CityWalk, an entertainment complex at Universal Orlando. It’s the one place where unforgettable family

Entertainment meets restaurants that don’t just make you say “Yum,” but “Wow”., Shopping malls name it.

 Today’s Park Hours 8 am-12 am. Daily Hours…


There are three sections to Universal CityWalk. The first section, which is the ground level you walk into from the parking garages, holds Universal’s 20-screen movie theater, several restaurants, and most of the CityWalk shops. It is also on this ground level that you will find the CityWalk stage, where Universal has complimentary live music and DJs during busier times. The second section is the “upstairs” or “second floor” of CityWalk. This is the more adult-oriented section, featuring the CityWalk nightclubs and the restaurants that also double as clubs in the later hours of each evening. The third section of CityWalk is located on the other side of the lagoon, and it’s home to two more restaurants and a theater space.